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We charge at the rate of J Ghaffi adclaga on one turn o
land t'per annum) for seven years,   on the extent of land whicl
you may plough, having destroyed as much forest as you lik
both above and below the hill.    After the expiry of (this) lease
we shall charge at the rate of 3 rukas per field of one turn fo
all the fields in which you sow the seeds.    Having nieasure<
the land included within the four boundaries of the village an<
fixed its tri&ras, we  confer  xipon you the oflice of the Reddi
We also appoint a Brahman called Mamudur Peddarma as th<
hereditary Karanika, for submitting to us the gudikattu accounts
and keeping the accounts of the village which you are founding
When he, having entered the fields*, repairs to  our presence
with the  gudikattu   register,  we   shall   grant   you   and  th(
Karanam as well as the JLyagars of the other castes manyas> anc
fix the income (ayam).    Have faith in our Jtaul, and securing
the rayats (for the cultivation of the fields), live in happiness.

Ibid, p. 293.
24 (f).

According to the commands of Hariharadevaraya, Vunda-

velu Siva Redd; of  Nadigadda   Slrna,    having   celebrated   a

festival (jatra) in honour of the village deity, founded a village

to the west of MailedeVara, on the ruined site of Polinenipaue

wlueli was deserted long ago.   Bat the (new) village was ruined

by an accident within y, year of its foundation.    Again, accord-

ing to  the order o; His Majesty   Siva Reddi began to excavate)

a tank at  his  own   expense,  at Waterless -Nitturu  (which  is

situated . to the east of Yadaki, west of JIailedevara,  and south

of Gabagundani  on  Saturday Vaisakha in [10?] of the year

Vikrama corresponding to S.S. 1262, and completed on Magha

an 5 of the year Viu corresponding to S.S.  1263 f    (Jan12

 polam ^^M ,, The sense Q ^ ezpression .g nofc clear.
wown nttelag of '*to- is applicable ia this context;   but ' *<, '  in such
aj betake,  to mean  registerin,  L
on of *' unk is said to have beea